Dear Owners,

You seem to be leading a revolution to stop paying major leaguers who enter free agency according to their value to the league and to their teams. How Bolshevik of you! This is idiotic even for billionaires like you.


It’s not surprising when you are advised by economic-minded MBA types who tell you they have calculated that WAR may equate to wins, but it doesn’t translate into dollars. Yes, an “average” team will go 81-81 and make as much revenue as a better team that wins 85 games so why pay for the extra 4 wins? Cool, super savvy people like you say fans are suckers if they want to see a better team, or see their guys compete at a higher level. It’s tank or bust for you.

Well, here is why you are so stupid. The logical extension of your thinking is to only sign low cost high value role players. When no one else had figured this out, you could create Moneyball and rule the world (or at least shock the world.) Now, that advantage does not exist.


Baseball is competition guys. Getting good players even if they are a little more expensive than they “should” be in a pure economics sense still makes your team better. It doesn’t boost your bottom line this year, but some of the best things in life are like that. Yes, it’s true I may not come to an extra game this year because they won four more games, but I will certainly will pay more attention. The “eyeballs” will also increase over time, and the team will do better and, yes, be more valuable.

Sign free agents and stop being such greedy, and shortsighted, idiots!

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